Frequently asked questions from teachers

How do I access the Smile Bilingual Project?

In order to access the platform, visit the website at, and press the “Get Started” button at the upper right-hand corner. You need to type in your username and password, which the Smile Bilingual Project team should have given you beforehand.

How can I add groups and students?

In the teachers’ section, you’ll find the “Add Students” option. There you will be able to create a new group and/or add new students.

Why can’t I add more students?

When a learning centre purchases the Smile Bilingual Project, it acquires a set amount of licenses for access to the platform. If you’d like to increase the number of licenses, get in touch with the sales staff at the Smile Bilingual Project.

Is there a way to personalize my students’ names?

Find the “Students Lists” option in the teacher’s area, to access your different groups of students. Find the option to modify both your students’ usernames and passwords.

How do I access my groups and students?

Find the “Students Lists” section in the teacher’s area, to see all of your groups of students. This is where you can modify your students’ names, and send a message to students individually or to the whole class.

How can I send articles to my students?

Find the “Student Lists” section in your teacher’s area, and send messages to an entire group or individual messages to students.

How can I send my students grammar exercises?

On the “Smile Platform”, you’ll see a section called “Grammar.” Click on the “Activities” tab to find the complete list of grammar exercises. Each activity has an option called “Permission,” which allows your students to access and complete the activities.

How can I recover my password?

If you’re a teacher, and you’ve either lost or forgotten your password, contact the sales staff at the Smile Bilingual Project so they can send you a new password.

Why is everything in Spanish?

Everything on the Smile Bilingual Project platform is in English. If you’re seeing the content in Spanish, your browser most likely has the automated translation activated.

How can I send videos to Smile Bloggers and Smile Teams?

In order to send videos, first you have to contact the Smile Bilingual Project team.

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